We offer free estimates at home or at your office. We work closely with you and your insurance
to make sure you are getting what is fair for your wrecked car.  Make sure you check Your Rights page.

We offer upgrades on your collision if you want spruce up your old look with a new set of
Halo lights or Euro Taillights. Maybe a fresh set of racing stripes to complete the look and
top off that fresh paint job. You tell us and we will make it happen.

Need an estimate or guidance on what to do in an accident? Don't get confused, call our experts.

Tip: Don't let anyone into your car at an accident or follow anyone to a clinic, these can be scams to
defraud you of what is owed to you by the person at fault. Contact an expert, I see collisions everyday
and can guide you through on the proper steps to complete the process and get you back on the road.

Tip: Always make a police report even if the person at fault claims they don't have insurance; chances are
they might. Be safe and make the report.

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